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October 29, 2012
Dear Gary,

The next meeting of the 
San Fernando Valley Republican Club
 will be on
Tuesday, November 13,  2012 
Galpin Ford, 2nd Floor Meeting Room 
15555 Roscoe Blvd (just east of the 405) 
North Hills. 

Please note that for November 2012 ONLY, we will be meeting on the SECOND Tuesday of the month.  In December and from then on we will continue to meet on the FIRST Tuesday of the month.

There is a $5.00 event fee, except for first time visitors, students and guest speakers who may attend at no cost.

In November we will have two speakers. Ron Kaye, former editor of the Daily News, and author of the blog, Ron Kaye LA and Kevin James, candidate for Mayor of the City of Los Angeles.  Since the national and statewide elections will be past us, we will now be focusing on the Los Angeles City elections to take place in March, 2013.

Please review the important announcements and other information below.  Many activities will be happening in the next few weeks that you should know about.  Read the information in this newsletter.
Kevin James
Kevin James
Mayor of Los Angeles  

Kevin began his legal career in 1988 with one of the most prestigious law firms in the country - Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. Kevin practiced in the firm's Litigation Department learning legal strategy and negotiation skills and tactics from some of the most respected attorneys in California.

Former Asst. U.S. Attorney
After spending his first two years of law practicing at Gibson, Dunn, Kevin was hired by the United States Department of Justice to work as an Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Kevin went after criminals by using the asset forfeiture laws to disband their criminal enterprises in cases involving narcotics, money laundering, insurance fraud, mail and wire fraud, and consumer fraud.

Given Award for Superior Performance
In 1992, Kevin received the Director's Award for Superior Performance (one of the Justice Department's highest awards for an Assistant U.S. Attorney).

In 1993, Kevin returned to private practice where his experience ranged in complexity from the representation of famous entertainers, producers and entertainment executives in complex litigation relating to the entertainment industry and personal litigation matters, to representing large corporate clients in multi-million dollar business litigation cases.

Dedicated Community Volunteer
Kevin spent many years donating his time and legal expertise to local charities serving neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, including AIDS Project Los Angeles.  Kevin has also been a strong advocate for pet adoption.  Kevin first fostered and then adopted his current rescue dog, a dachshund-mix. 


Taking on City Hall
Kevin continues to work tirelessly to expose the failed policies of current City leadership, to shine the light on the fiscal mismanagement of the City by many of its elected officials, and to expose a culture of corruption in City government that harms all of Los Angeles. Kevin is known throughout the City as a champion of everyday, hardworking Angelenos, with a plainspoken "can-do" attitude and unwavering optimism for what Los Angeles can be - with no patience for corruption who maintains a hard-line opposition to bureaucratic abuse of the taxpaying public and waste of their hard-earned money.


Find out more about Kevin James at his website.

Ron Kaye  
Saving Los Angeles 
Ron Kaye
Ron Kaye

Ron Kaye is the former editor of the Los Angeles Daily News where he spent 23 years helping to make the newspaper the voice of the San Fernando Valley and fighting for a city government that serves the people and not special interests. 
Twice in recent years, Los Angeles Magazine listed Kaye among the city's most influential people, specifically in the area of politics. Kaye has been variously described in the media as the "accidental anarchist," "the Patrick Henry of the San Fernando Valley" and a "passionate populist." He is now committed to carrying on his crusade for a greater Los Angeles as an ordinary citizen. 
You can read more about Ron Kaye at his website.
Recommendations on Propositions and Candidates on the November Ballot  
Ballot Recommendations

For recommendations about candidates and propositions follow the instructions below.
Vote here 
There are 11 Propositions on the November ballot, numbers 30-40.  If you would like to know what our recommendations are on how to vote on the Propositions, or what candidates to vote for, visit our website, and click on Talking Points.  The link is: 
Operation Swingstate  
Call into Swing States for Romney/Ryan  

Romney - Ryan 



Here's How You Can Help Romney-Ryan Win!


CALL swing state voters using the Romney online phone bank-for tutorial videos & instructions go to and click on theRomney-Ryan tab or for your convenience:

Part 1 Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Video (how to create an account) 

Part 2 Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Video(how to make calls)


Make a difference in this vital nationwide effort!  

Contact info:

Susan Silver and Don Silver 
National Co-Chairs, Operation Swing State    Swing State Co-Chairs, Republican Party of Los Angeles County
310.282.8440, Los Angeles
A Request from Jane  
Jane BarnettJane Barnett Asks For Help in the 43rd AD.

Dear Friends,

As we wind down to election day I want to share some insider news I just received with you, the leaders in the 43rd Assembly district and surrounding areas.  As my Cancer has kept me home much of this election season I have spent as much time as possible helping Greg Krikorian. 

We now know;

Armenian Democrats have been called in by Democrat Party Leaders and threatened to throw them out of the Democrat Party party if they continue to support Greg.  Right now they are still sticking with Greg;

Eric Bauman, Chairman of the Democrat County Party has pledged more money and 2 more staff members to help Gatto because they see the polls which show a surge for Greg in this area as well as in the country for Romney;

Our polls show us neck and neck which is why Gatto and the Democrat leadership in the 43rd is ready to put out more trash about Greg.  It will be in mailboxes soon.  Alert Republicans - they will do and say ANYTHING to win.

Many Republicans have already voted and professionals tell us the numbers are on our side with early voting. 

So, I am asking you to alert your members about these facts - email your membership for me - and promise to double your efforts at Greg's office and in the precincts.   Please join me to help get Greg elected to the California State Assembly.  

As much as physically possible I will be there with you. 

Call 818-253-4343 to volunteer.  We have only a few days left.  

We can make a difference.  

God bless each of you, my friends.

Jane Barnett
Evan Sayet's New Book  
Evan Sayet's Garden of EdenThe Kindergarden of Eden

Evan Sayet has completed his book, The Kindergarden of Eden - How the Modern Liberal Thinks.

Why the Modern Liberal's thinking leads him to side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. Further extrapolating on the ideas in his wildly popular viral talk to the Heritage Foundation.  The video of that talk has received over 600,000 hits, 

Evan Sayet uses his signature wit in this new book to ask thought- provoking questions during these turbulent economic and social times. And he provides the reader with some surprising answers. 

Andrew Breitbart said that Evan Sayet's Heritage Foundation Speech was 'one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given.' That speech was the foundation for this book. How did the song "Imagine" by John Lennon become the perfect symbol of liberal thinking? Why does Bruce Springsteen dub "pain" as the wages of toil and hard work? What's the Democrats' beef with God? What do they have against the Jews of Israel? Why do they want abortion to be commonplace and frequent? Why does the Modern Liberal -the dominant force in today's Democratic Party and in so much of today's popular culture - seem to always side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success? 

Evan Sayet answers those questions and a lot more.

You can order the book, either download an e-book or order a soft-cover print book, on his website:
Dine and Donate at Fatburger  
Fatburger LogoPanorama Fatburger is offering an opportunity to help SFVRC

As you know the Panorama City Fatburger is owned by two Republicans, Julie Nguyen and John Quintanilla.  They are offering an opportunity for SFVRC members to eat at Fatburger.  It is only two blocks from where we meet at Galpin Ford, so it is easy to go there before or after our meeting, but the offer applies anytime.  

Go eat at Panorama City Fatburger, 8261 Sepulveda Blvd (at the corner of Roscoe) Panorama City, 91402.  The phone number there is (818)894-7888.  Keep your receipt and bring it to me or to Karen Klaparda, our secretary.  We can then turn the receipts in to Fatburger and they will donate 15% of the receipts to SFVRC.  It is a great way to help the club by having Fatburger donate a percentage of your bill, but it also helps a local business run by Republicans.
Republican Business Directory  
Do Business with fellow Republicans

We now have our Republican Business Directory up and functioning.  
Please go to our website:
and click on the "Local Directory" tab.  On the left side of the page you will find classifications of businesses.  Click on a classification and it will give you a list of Republicans in that classification. 

 We are encouraging all of our members to patronize the businesses of our fellow members and Republicans.  If you need goods and services, why not have them provided by your fellow Republicans? 

For those of you who would like to have your business listed in our business directory, please send an email to: 

Provide your name, the name and street address of your business, your business phone number, your business web site address, and your email address.  Also provide a description of the services you provide or the type of goods you sell.
SFVRC Calendar of Events
Active Calendar of Republican and Club Events

Google CalendarWe have set up a Google Calendar on our club web site.  The calendar is regularly maintained and includes not only events of SFVRC but many other Republican events in the area.  Organizations wanting their information included, please send the info to me by email.

To access the calendar, go to and click on "Calendar" on the menu, or go to:

The calendar is in monthly mode by default, but you can click on "week" to see the calendar by the week.  If you click on any event it will open up and give you details.  The calendar can also be printed.
There are several events occurring during the next few weeks.  Be sure and check the calendar to find out when and where.
We expect to have another great informative meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.  Come out and join us.

I hope to see you there.


Gary Aminoff

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club


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