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May 19, 2011

The next meeting of the 
San Fernando Valley Republican Club
 will be on
Tuesday, June 7, 2011 
Galpin Ford, 2nd Floor Meeting Room 
15555 Roscoe Blvd (just east of the 405) 
North Hills. 

There is a $5.00 event fee, except for first time visitors, students and guest speakers who may attend at no cost.

Our featured speaker this month will be Damon Dunn,successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, and Republican candidate for California Secretary of State in 2010.

Please review the announcements and other information below.
Featured Speaker  
Damon DunnDamon Dunn

Born in 1976 in Fort Worth, TX to a 16-year-old single mother, Damon Dunn grew up in dire poverty; living in a three-bedroom trailer with ten people. Damon grew up hunting and fishing as means to provide food, and wore Salvation Army clothes. From these humble beginnings, Damon learned the value - and the rewards-of hard work, which he has demonstrated throughout his life.

In high school, Damon was an honor student and earned recognition as a Texas All-State Football player. On these merits he was awarded a scholarship to Stanford University.  At Stanford, Damon had a record setting college football career, ran track and earned many academic and athletic awards, including the NCAA Academic Scholarship, All-PAC 10 Honors and Academic All-Pac 10 Honors, and the NFL and College Hall of Fame Award.  Upon graduation, Damon played in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys. Damon had the privilege to play under and be mentored by coaching legends such as Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Tyrone Willingham and Tom Coughlin.

Despite these achievements, Damon has never forgotten what it is like to go to sleep hungry and wake with a sense of hopelessness. This is why Damon has committed himself to serve others; to show them there is another way and to help them find it for themselves.

While at Stanford University, Damon served as Executive Director of the East Palo Alto Stanford Summer Academy, which provided tutoring and mentorship to underprivileged Latino and African American students from East Palo Alto, California. In recognition of his work at the Academy and elsewhere in the community, Damon received the James W. Lyons Award and JE Wallace Sterling Book Award given to students who demonstrated outstanding service to the greater Stanford community.

In the NFL, Damon worked with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to visit kids with terminal illnesses. He started the Fighting Giants Ministry that ministers to children with life-changing injuries. He also worked with St. Augustine Soup Kitchen, the Cops-N-Kids program and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Damon has volunteered in Santa Ana elementary schools implementing the Latino Educational Attainment Initiative (LEA). The purpose of the LEA is to help Latino parents become more effective advocates for their children, particularly as it relates to their education.

During his undergraduate days at Stanford, Damon served as associate pastor at Jerusalem Baptist Church where he managed the children's and youth ministries. Since his time at Stanford and the NFL, Damon has started the Joshua Project, a leadership development ministry that mentors aspiring young Christian leaders.

Damon has served as president of his local Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter and has spoken nationally at FCA events.

Upon retiring from the NFL in 2002, Damon co-founded a successful real estate firm with holdings across the country.

From this national perspective, he saw how certain governmental entities aided individuals and entrepreneurs to meet their full potential while protecting the environment whereas others did not.

He saw how the communities that provided the best education opportunities and kept its people safe, were those that had thriving business communities with well paid jobs. 

In contrast, he saw how the California business environment was choking innovation and the potential of the entrepreneur, the two characteristics which had made California great in the first place.

In 2009-2010 Damon ran for the office of Secretary of State in California.

Election Results  
Craig HueyMay 17 Election

36th Congressional District

There was an election to replace Jane Harman in the 36th Congressional District that took place on Tuesday, May 17th.  This is a district that is 45% Democrat Party registration and 27% Republican Party registration.  Republicans are outnumbered in the district by almost 2:1.

There were three Democrats, six Republicans, and 4 other party candidates running in the race.  Because of Prop.14 where there are no party primaries, but instead there is a general election with a top-two runoff, everyone thought that the top two would be both Democrats, Janice Hahn, former City Councilwoman, and Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State.  Well, surprisingly to a lot of people, It wasn't Hahn and Bowen in the top two, it was Hahn and Huey.  Right.  Republican Craig Huey came in second place in a heavily Democrat registration district.  There was only a 15% voter turnout in this race.

Now all Republicans must rally behind Craig and see that he gets elected in the July 12th runoff election.  We will be sending volunteers from SFVRC to the Huey campaign to walk precincts and make phone calls.  If you would like to volunteer to work to get Craig Huey elected to Congress, please contact Merlin Froyd at  Visit Craig's website at:


LA Community College Board of Trustees


In the race for Community College Board, Lydia Gutierrez did not fare as well.  Lydia's opponent Scott Svonkin received 52% of the votes cast compared to Lydia's 48%.  Here is the tragedy of that race.  Lydia lost, at initial count, by about 800 votes.  How many registered voters do you think did not vote in that race?  The answer: 152,363 registered voters did not vote in that election.  There was an 11% voter turnout.  If another couple of thousand people in the district had voted Lydia might have won.

Join a Committee

Please send an email to our Vice President, Merlin Froyd,  letting him know of your interest in serving on one of the following committees or sub-committees.  The committees are where the activity and work takes place.  Please pick a committee or sub-committee and let Merlin know which one.


1)         Political Activism Committee.  Sub-committees of the Political Activism Committee are: Political Campaign Sub-Committee, Voter Registration Campaign Sub-Committee, Military Support Sub-Committee, High School and College Republican Club Sub-Committee, Conservative Issues Sub-Committee and Youth Group and Boy Scouts Sub-Committee.  The Chairman of the Political Activism Committee shall be responsible for the appointment of members to the Sub-committees and for the appointment of Chairmen of the Sub-committees.  


2)         Public Relations Committee Sub-committees of the Public Relations Committee are: Media Sub-Committee, Speakers Bureau Sub-Committee, Membership Sub-Committee and Legislative Sub-Committee.  The Chairman of the Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for the appointment of members of the Sub-committees and for the appointment of Chairmen of the Sub-committees. 

SFVRC Calendar of Events
New Active Calendar of Republican and Club Events

Google CalendarWe have now set up a Google Calendar on our club web site.  The calendar is regularly maintained and includes not only events of SFVRC but many other Republican events in the area.  Organizations wanting their information included, please send the info to me by email.

To access the calendar, go to and click on "Calendar" on the menu, or go to:

The calendar is in monthly mode by default, but you can click on "week" to see the calendar by the week.  If you click on any event it will open up and give you details.  The calendar can also be printed.
There are several events occurring during the next few weeks.  Be sure and check the calendar to find out when and where.
Republican Business Directory  
Do Business with fellow Republicans

In these tough economic times we have decided to help each other out economically.

We are preparing a business roster of Republicans for SFVRC members.  This will be merged with a county-wide business directory that is being prepared by LA County Republican Clubs.

We are encouraging all of our members to patronize the businesses of our fellow members and Republicans.  If you need goods and services, why not have them provided by your fellow Republicans?

For those of you who would like to have your business listed in our business directory, please send an email to:

Provide your name, the name and street address of your business, your business phone number, your business web site address, and your email address.  Also provide a description of the services you provide or the type of goods you sell.

We would like to publish this directory by March, so please send in your information.  Send an email with the above information.

We expect to have another great meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club on Tuesday, June 7th.     

I hope to see you there.


Gary Aminoff

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club


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