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February 26, 2009 
Dear Gary,

The next meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club will be on

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Galpin Ford, 2nd Floor Meeting Room
15555 Roscoe Blvd (just east of the 405)
North Hills. 


There is a $5.00 event fee, except for first time visitors, students and guest speakers who may attend at no cost.

We have not scheduled a featured speaker.  This will be a business meeting where we discuss the policies for SFVRC for 2009-2010.  That will be only activity for this meeting.

I know that it is election day.  Those of you working either at the polls or poll watching or getting out the vote may not be able to make the meeting.  The rest of us should be able to attend.  The polls close at 8:00pm.  There won't be any results much before 10:00pm.  We will adjourn at 9:00pm and then we can all go home, or to the election parties and see the results.

Just for informational purposes, Walter Moore and Suzy Evans are having their post-election party at DuPars Restaurant in the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax.

We have cancelled the Saturday, March 17th meeting as too many people have said they can't attend.

We will begin the discussion on March 3rd, and continue it if necessary.

Meeting Agenda:
Flag Salute
Open Discussion relating to SFVRC Activities
Discussion on SFVRC Activities  
Discussion: What Can SFVRC Do to Win Elections in the SFV?

Our scheduled March speaker had a conflict so we have moved him to April.  I did not schedule another speaker so that we could begin our discussion about the future of SFVRC on this evening.

We will have a discussion about what we can do, as a club, to make a difference in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  If this works out well, we may do this a few times a year.  I also think it is a good idea to allow, if we can, at least 20 - 30 minutes each meeting in the future for members to express their views.

If the discussion period is not managed well, it has the potential to dissolve into meaningless cross-discussion.  In order for it to be effective, we will need to manage it.  We will have a little more than one hour to try to have a discussion out of which will come some useful ideas.

Here is what we have come up with.  I would prefer that those who intend to present a proposal about what we should do, send it to me in advance by email.

At the meeting we will ask you for the topic of your proposal.  We will list all the topics on the white board.  We will then pick three topics (more if time permits) by vote for presentation to the group.  The member will then make his proposal which will be followed by an open discussion on that proposal.  Over the next few months as proposals are presented we will try to have ten of the best proposals for the group to vote on as to whether we should undertake that activity.  Out of the ten we will narrow the list down to three, which we will agree to undertake.

We will not have cross-discussion.  All questions and comments will have to be directed to the Chair.

I am sure we will have an interesting discussion, and we will continue it on to future meetings.
SFVRC, RPLAC and CRP on Facebook and Twitter
Republican Groups are all on Facebook and Twitter

SFVRC has a group page on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook already, go to and click on "Join this Group."

If you are not yet on Facebook, you can go to and sign up. 

The purpose of the Facebook group is to be able to communicate more easily with our members and to be able to organize Facebook events that support the activities of the SFVRC and to receive information about other Republican and conservative activities being organized on Facebook that we might have interest in.

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) also has a Facebook Group at:
Go there and join the group.

The California Republican Party (CRP) has a Facebook Group page at:
Go there and join the group.

Much of the communication in the future from our club and from RPLAC and CRP will be disseminated on the respective Facebook pages.

Ron Nehring, Chairman of the California Republican Party sent the following email to California Republicans a couple of days ago:

Dear Gary,
Republican leaders around the country are networking on Twitter and I wanted to send you a quick note to encourage you to join us.
If you're not familiar with Twitter, it's a free, easy, innovative tool that helps people communicate what they're currently doing/working on.  Republican chairmen, activists, members of Congress, legislators, and online warriors are now directly following each other, sharing information and alerts on Twitter.
You can follow me on Twitter and sign up by clicking here:   
If you don't know what Twitter is or why you should care visit the official Twitter FAQ page.  You can also check out a great online guide for conservative activists here: Twitter 101 guide.
You can post and read Twitter updates through your computer using your web browser, your cell phone, and your Blackberry using its web browser or a great application called Twitterberry.
I've also updated my personal website to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Blogger.  Taking full advantage of new technologies is key to our party's success.  Please join me.
Thank you for your leadership.

Ron Nehring
CHAIRMAN, California Republican Party
SFVRC Business Roster  
Do Business with fellow Republicans

In these tough economic times we have decided to help each other out economically.

We are preparing a business roster of Republicans for SFVRC members.  We are encouraging all of our members to patronize the businesses of our fellow members and Republicans.  If you need goods and services, why not have them provided by your fellow Republicans?

For those of you who would like to have your business listed in our business directory, please send an email to:
BUSINESS@SFVRC.ORG .  Provide your name, the name and street address of your business, your business phone number, your business web site address, and your email address.  Also provide a description of the services you provide or the type of goods you sell.

We would like to publish this directory no later than the end of March, so please send in your information.  Send an email to with the above information.
SFVRC Calendar of Events
New Active Calendar of Republican and Club Events

Google CalendarWe have now set up a Google Calendar on our club web site.  The calendar is regularly maintained and includes not only events of SFVRC but many other Republican events in the area.  Organizations wanting their information included, please send the info to me by email.

To access the calendar, go to and click on "Calendar" on the menu, or go to:

The calendar is in monthly mode by default, but you can click on "week" to see the calendar by the week.  If you click on any event it will open up and give you details.  The calendar can also be printed.
We expect to have another great meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club on Tuesday, March 3rd.  I hope to see you there.


Gary Aminoff

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club