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Featured Speaker: Daniel Sheehy
Support the Troops Rally - March 17th
Election Results and New Candidates
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March 12, 2007
Dear Gary,

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 7:00pm at Galpin Ford, 15555 Roscoe Blvd (just east of the 405), 2nd Floor Meeting Room, North Hills.  There is a $5.00 event fee, except for first time visitors, students and guest speakers who may attend at no cost.

We have a great speaker for this meeting who I am sure you will find very interesting, with a topic that is on all of our minds.
Featured Speaker:  Daniel Sheehy
 Author, journalist and immigration activist

Dan Sheehy

Daniel Sheehy is an author, journalist, national speaker, and activist for border and immigration law enforcement.

He began his career as an assistant news producer and writer for the NBC-TV affiliate in Baltimore.

Later, he worked as a business reporter and assistant managing editor for Aviation Daily in Washington, D.C. That job led to a career as a corporate communications manager, writer, and editor for United Airlines and TRW Space & Electronics. In addition, Dan served as a writer for the presidents of United, Mileage Plus Inc., TRW Space & Electronics, and DIRECTV.

After 9/11, Dan began an intensive study of the growing immigration crisis in America and the real agenda behind it. He has dedicated himself to awakening Americans and inspiring them to action.

He is the author of the acclaimed book, Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation. Many people consider the book to be the best one on the immigration invasion because it is written from the perspective of a personal narrative about theSheehy Book struggles of concerned Americans who have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect America and Americans.

Rave reviews have appeared in esteemed magazines such as The New American and The American Conservative. Legendary newsman-broadcaster George Putnam calls the book "brilliant" and describes Dan as a "courageous journalist."

Dan has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows across the country and spoken to dozens of organizations. He has received awards for pro-American activities from local and national organizations.

He is an occasional guest host of "The Right Source," heard on KCAA-AM in Southern California and on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.

In addition to the immigration invasion and the North American Union scheme, he is an expert on the news media.


Dan will have copies of his book available for sale at the end of the meeting.

Support the Troops Rally - March 17th

To give you some background, ANSWER, theFlag communist-backed anti-American, anti-war movement is planning an anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C. on March 17th.  Move America Forward is planning a counter-rally to show support for the troops in Washington.  ANSWER in Los Angeles is also planning an anti-war demonstration in Hollywood on March 17th to coordinate with the Washington rally.

We want to have American patriots come out to show support for our troops, for America, and for liberty, to counter the anti-war demonstration. 

This is how ANSWER describes their demonstration in Los Angeles on their web site:
The LA March 17 protest will be the largest outpouring of anti-war sentiment in the city in recent years. Be a part of this historic action. People are sick and tired of the war and Bush administration's lies. As U.S. troops and innocent Iraqi's die in a colonial war, people at home lack healthcare, jobs and necessary social services. Not one more person should have to die in this illegal, unjust war.
We don't want the anti-American, anti-war protesters to own the demonstration.  Let's have our patriotic Americans show that we care about our troops and our mission. Let's come out and wave American flags.

In the event you are wondering what organizations are behind this demonstration, you can also find this on the ANSWER web site (partial list):
National Council of Arab Americans, Coalition for World Peace, LA-US Labor Against the War, Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Free Palestine Alliance, GABRIELA Network, Latino Movement USA, National Lawyers Guild, Frente Amplio Progresista-Los Angeles, Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress, Comite Pro-Democracia en Mexico, Topanga Peace Alliance, Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Veterans for Peace, KmB Pro-People Youth, Korean Americans for Peace, Youth and Student ANSWER, Coalition to End Israeli Apartheid-SoCal, Global Women's Strike, Muslim Student Association-West, Students for Justice in Palestine-UCLA.
The organizers of the pro-troops counter-protest are asking demonstrators to be at the Northeast corner of Hollywood and Highland at 9:00am on Saturday, March 17th.  They say to bring, American flags, support the troops signs, banners, water, hats, sunscreen and spirit!
Election Results and new candidates  
Allen wins, Burns in run-off, Hernandez announces

Walt AllenWalt Allen, First Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County won his race for Covina City Council.  Out of a field of nine candidates for two open seats, Walt was the highest vote-getter.  A lot of gratitude to Heather Peters who orchestrated Walt's campaign and to the volunteers from our club and other Republicans who walked precincts and made phone calls on behalf of Walt.  Congratulations from SFVRC, Walt.

Also, congratulations to Heather Peters on her appointment by the Governor as Deputy Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing, responsible for business regulation (or as Heather likes to say, business deregulation).
Roy Burns
Of the four candidates we were supporting for the Los Angeles Community College District Board, only Roy Burns got enough votes to force a run-off election in May.  While the results were disappointing since we put so much effort into this race, the reason for not succeeding in all four races had to do with turnout.  Only 7.7% of registered voters turned out in this election, the worst turnout in over 20 years.  Voters felt that the Community College Board race was not important to them, and didn't care.  It will be our job between now and May to convince voters why these local races are very important and why they need to show up at the polls.  We have to help Roy Burns win his run-off race.

David HernandezDavid Hernandez, Chairman of our Public Relations Committee, has declared that he is running for Mayor of the City of Los Angeles.  David previously ran for Congress and for Los Angeles County Supervisor for Zev Yaroslavsky's seat.  David is also continuing the campaign to Save the Cross on the County Seal, and is the petitioner in a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles to declare Proposition R unconstitutional.
Support Lores Rizkalla  
Lores Rizkalla Let's keep her on the air

Lores Rizkalla, a member of our club, has a one-hour radio show weekly on KRLA 870AM on Sundays at 700pm. 

Lores is a strong voice for conservative thought on Los Angeles radio.  In order to stay on the air Lores needs some sponsors.  You can buy a 13 week 30 second spot on Lores show for $1,300.00.  Many of you work for or own companies that could use some radio advertising to drive additional business.  Please see what you can do about getting your company to buy a sponsorship on Lores Rizkalla Live on KRLA.  We need to keep conservative voices on the air.  Please do what you can to support Lores.  To contact Lores about sponsorships you can email her here.

Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager and Sean Hannity, among other major radio talk show hosts, have given praise to Lores.

Read about Lores on her website.

County Party changes meeting night

Now on the second Thursday of the month

GOP ElephantThe Republican Party of Los Angeles County has changed its regular meeting night of the County Central Committee from the third Wednesday of the month to the second Thursday of the month.  Please adjust your calendars. 

The next RPLAC meeting will be on Thursday, April 12th at 7:00pm at Luminarias Restaurant in Monterey Park.  Go to the RPLAC web site for details.
Important Quotes  
Steve Forbes Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes has joined Dick Armey's Freedom Works.  He posted a letter on the Freedom Works web site.  One paragraph in particular I though was important and worth repeating:


We cannot wait for another Reagan. The next political revolution in America will come from the American people, from the grassroots up to Washington, D.C.   I believe it will be based on the commonsense, pocketbook conservatism of Goldwater and Reagan. This is our time; this is our critical moment, to take back the high ground based on the positive principles of growth, opportunity, and freedom.

We will have another great meeting of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club on Tuesday, April 3rd.  I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club