Dear Gary,

The following is information relating to our next general meeting, and other announcements.

Sheriff - Los Angeles County

As I indicated at the January meeting, it was my hope to have a forum where we would have the two candidates for the office of Sheriff and the incumbent Sheriff, Lee Baca, at one meeting. That is not going to happen, as none of them found that satisfactory.

As a result, we will have Don Meredith, Candidate for Sheriff at our meeting on February 7th, Ken Masse at our March meeting and Sheriff Lee Baca at our April meeting.

Please attend the February 7th meeting so you can get to know Don Meredith who is running for LA County Sheriff.

C. Edward Mack - Candidate for Judge

We will hear from C. Edward Mack, Candidate for Judge, Office #45. Judge Mack is a conservative and is invited to talk to us for a few minutes about his candidacy.

Sexualization of children in the public schools

Mitch Williams, an educator, will talk to us about what is going on in the primary grade schools of the Los Angeles Unified School District as far as the sexualization of our primary grade children.

This should be an interesting talk, and I invite you all to attend to hear this informative discussion.

Coming political conventions

The California Republican Party is having its convention from February 24-26 in San Jose. The convention should be very interesing considering the internal discussion going on in the Party right now between the conservatives who want to dump support of Arnold, and the moderates who don't.

The California Republican Assembly is having its endorsing convention March 3rd-5th in Bakersfield. The CRA is the conservative wing of the California Republican Party. Their endorsements mean a lot to the success of a candidate in the Party.

If any of you would like more information relating to the conventions, or if you would like to attend either or both conventions, as I will be doing, please contact me.


I hope to see you at the February 7th meeting. There is much to discuss as we move into what looks like an exciting election cyle.


GOP Elephant
Gary Aminoff, President
San Fernando Valley Republican Club

phone: (310)387-6900