SFVRC Meeting Notice - January 3, 2006
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Notice of Next General Meeting - January 3rd 2006
  December 21, 2005  
Dear Gary,

Our next general meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 3, 2006, at 7:00pm at Galpin Ford, 2nd Floor Meeting Room, 15555 Roscoe Blvd. (just east of the 405), North Hills.

Tentative Meeting Agenda
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The principal agenda of the January 3rd meeting will be to plan our activities for 2006. We will not have any outside speakers at the January 3rd meeting. There will be both primary elections and general elections in 2006. We will want to plan who we want to support for what offices in the primary election.

We also have a plan to grow our membership in the Valley so we become even more of a potent political force than we now are. We will discuss at the meeting recommendations from the membership committee on how to do that. We will have a report from Karen Shapiro on the progress of the President's Day "Rush" Party.

We will also be forming special committees for the year. We will organize a Judicial Committee to do background on judges running for office and to make recommendations to the group as to which judges to support. We will also form a School Outreach Committee which will organize speakers to visit local high schools and/or colleges.

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We hope you will all attend this important 2006 planning session on January 3rd.


Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club

phone: (310) 387-6900